Engineering Entrance Exams After Intermediate

Once you are in Intermediate, it is time for them to fill forms for the various entrance assessments for the colleges that you need to get into after finalization of your higher legitimate assessments. There are many engineering assessments that are held all nationally and they کارنامه پادا all very well-known assessments. Some of them are, in fact, considered to be very challenging and are known the world over to be the toughest examinations in the country. Here is a list of the engineering entrance assessments after Intermediate in 2012.


This is the toughest engineering entrance quiz of the country and why not after all it is the gateway to the most well-known set of engineering colleges in the country. As the colleges are looking for only the cream of the students who are interested in engineering, the elimination process is very stringent. There is a preliminary quiz that you need to clear first, after which you will have to sit for a very subjective test. In case you pass this test then you get selected in IIT and your future is secure.


The All The indian subcontinent Engineering Entrance Quiz or the AIEEE as it is commonly known as, is an entrance quiz that makes you eligible to enter any of the national institutes of technology and the government colleges as well. This is also a properly well-known quiz and the ranks of the examination are also accepted by most private colleges as well. The examination is objective based and there are three sections in the quiz, Physics, Biochemistry and biology and Mathematics. The examination is held after the finalization of the 12th board assessments and is easier than the IIT JEE. After the results of this quiz are declared, there is a help session that is held and the students are given colleges and organizations of study according to their scores in the examination.


This is the engineering entrance quiz for VIT, that is Vellore Institute of Technology located in Tamil Nadu, this is another well-known college and you need to first register with the college and then you will take advantage of the prospectus of the college and you will take advantage of the examination form along with this, you need to fill this form and send it to the college and then you will be signed up for the examination. The examination is objective type and you will receive your result in a so often of the quiz. If you clear the quiz, then you will get into VIT.

Entrance assessments for private colleges

There are many private colleges that are present in every state and there are entrance examinations for all these colleges as well, these examinations are easier as compared to the other examinations that are held for engineering. These examinations are also objective type and different states have different norms for entry into the colleges that are present in nys.

These are some of the main engineering entrance assessments after Intermediate that you should opt for in case you are looking to do your engineering. These assessments need a lot of perseverance and focus on the part of the student.

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