6 Things You should know Before Visiting Iran

If you are going to visit Iran soon, make sure you know some important things beforehand. There are a lot of things to discuss, such as visa, money issues, dress code and attractions in Iran. Let’s know more.

Getting a Visa

Based on the passport you have, the visa requirements may vary. If you are from Japan, Spain, Netherlands, Germany, New Zealand or Australia, you won’t face many problems getting tour Iran the visa. You can a contact the Iranian embassy for visa or you get it on arrival. On the other hand, if you are from The us, UK, or USA, you have to get the visa before reaching Iran. Make sure you fill the documents correctly.


In Iran, the local currency is called Iranian Rial. The exchange rates vary greatly. For currency exchange, you can head over to the currency transactions or the other currency dealers. So, it might be wise to go around when getting your money exchanged for the local currency. This way you can get a better rate of exchange. It’s interesting to know that if you have $35, you will be a millionaire in Iran. As a general rule, you won’t need more than $35 for a day of expenses in Iran.

Dress Code

The foundations for dress code persist in changing in Iran. Nowadays, if you are a man, you can go for jeans or trousers. Just make sure your legs are covered. In other words, you can’t put on shorts. As far footwear, you can choose whatever you like, such as boots or shoe.

For women, the dress code is a bit complicated. Generally, you can go for loose tops that ought to cover all your arms right to your knees. You must be in trousers and your hair must be covered. But you are allowed to keep your hands, face and feet open.


In Iran, Internet sucks. In big cities, the connections are a bit stable. But mostly, you lose connection over and over again. Outside big cities, things are terrible. Many types of sites are banned, such as Facebook and Twitter. If you want to access these websites, you will have to work with a VPN, which can make your online slower.


Unlike what the western media tells, Iran is not a country full of terrorists. As a matter of fact, the people of Iran are usually friendly. They are more than happy to know more about you. They are really nice people. You can talk to them almost anything under the sun. For many reasons, not many people go to Iran. You will be surprised to see that some Iranians can even offer gifts to you. So, safety is not a big issues over there.

The “Religious Thing”

While Iran is an Islamic republic, you may not think that the country is overly strict. The dress code is strict, alcohol is banned but all else is normal. Everything goes on in Iran just like it goes on in a other country of the world.

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